joiha/joinhandmade studio

We used to admire the little boys who build sandcastles on the beach. It took them hours to carefully finish each door, gate, wall, to attach each snail shell to the project. But just a wave comes, the castle is gone. The miracle thing is, in the next morning, other castles will be established again. With many years experience in the audio industry, our team realize that we can do much more than we assume if not being afraid of failure.

research & development

30% of Expenditure of Joiha is used for re-investing into researching new products which have good quality and to be more eco-friend

fine art design

To optimize products is not only about beautiful appearance but also convenience. That additionally needs to bring customer effectiveness and be packaged in the simplest design.

jelly key

artisan keycaps & mechanical keyboards

Jelly Key is a group of craftsmen, designers, and artists. Those are hi-tech lovers and dreamers at the same time, we love the humanity value in every craftwork. Handmade artisan keycap is what that means to us. We love the idea of our handmade artisan keycap placed on your hi-tech mechanical keyboard. A way to make you feel less lonely, while surrounded by PC engines sound, or monotonous color in every technology piece. The monotonous colors were mass-produced to fit as millions of people’s demands as possible.

Jelly Key artisan keycap is a sort of hand-crafted product for modern use purpose.

But it would be so boring to bring another list of twisty terms to explain a term before. So, let’s play a game that’s our favorite when we’re children: imagination.

Ideas! Actually, we work with many different materials. Beside main component resin and clay, components help sculpture and form the keycap. We had also learnt how to use crystal, glitter paper, Vietnamese and Japanese wood, watch gears, some fluorescent components, alcohol ink and glitter powder. Or any material exists on Earth which could fulfil the requirements of each keycap designs’ needs. Jelly Key will work with it. Do you know the size of a keycap? How about cutting a table size wooden sheet into a keycap size and sanding out a 4mm into 1.6mm wooden piece? These may include not only ideas but also a great deal of time and passion. Don’t you think so?

jelly audio

We are all audiophiles and beauty fanatics here in Joinhandmade. We have been concerned with more than a hundred drafts and sketches in this journey because we strived to develop an earphone that pushes the limit of beauty and functionality. Smartphones, tablets, wireless internet, and other high-tech equipment have almost got humans online 24/7. Perhaps this has made people lose concentration, which affects our creativity. Therefore, making and using handmade products are the alternative ways for us to escape from that virtual world, to perceive the real world with high concentration, and thereby maintain the inherent creativity of mankind. In the world of technology, of modern and mass production, more and more people desire to own something unique and having some “human” in it. That’s what handmade gifts are made for, isn’t it?

“Unlike other mass production earphones manufacturers, Joinhandmade created a very unique headset. From the out-look, design, to sound quality, all show the care and passion of the team. To produce finished earphones, each stage of processing is taken carefully and delicately, just to create stylish and unique handmade earphones for users.”

Charles Bonn (Head-fi)

“It’s not only a good earphone but also a piece of stylish jewellery. This “made in Vietnam” earphone achieves both sound quality and unique imprint design. thank its handcraft process.”


  • 7/2012 – Earphone cable testing
  • 10/2012 – Custom In-Ear Monitor (CIEM) testing
  • 1/2013 – Expanding reshell research
  • 4/2013 – Handmade earphone sketching
  • 2/2014 – Driver selecting
  • 4/2014 – Jelly Ear launched

  • 10/2014 – Jelly Galaxy project launched
  • 3/2015 – Target to Indiegogo
  • 8/2016 – Another version of Jelly Galaxy
  • 2/2017 – New In-Ear monitor: Jelly Doux
  • 5/2018 – Another headphones project name Jelly Macaron

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