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We once marvelled at the young children on the shoreline, carefully crafting sandcastles. They would spend hours meticulously shaping each door, gate, and wall, adorning their creations with seashell embellishments. Yet, a single wave often erased their day’s work in moments. Remarkably, by dawn’s light, new fortresses would rise from the sands. Drawing inspiration from this resilience, our team, with its extensive background in the audio industry, has come to understand that embracing the possibility of failure unlocks extraordinary potential.

research & development

Joiha allocates 30% of its expenditures toward reinvesting in the research and development of new products. This investment is focused on enhancing quality and fostering eco-friendly innovations.

fine art design

Enhancing products transcends visual appeal and ease of use; it involves crafting efficient, user-centric solutions encased in elegantly minimalist design. This approach ensures both satisfaction and an intuitive, seamless experience for the customer.

jelly key

artisan keycaps & mechanical keyboards

Jelly Key represents a collective of artisans, designers, and visionaries united by a love for high-tech and the human touch in craftsmanship. We find beauty in the blend of technology and handcrafted artistry, believing that our handmade artisan keycaps bring a unique, personal touch to the stark, often impersonal world of mechanical keyboards. Our creations are more than just objects; they’re a remedy to the cold, uniform sea of mass-produced tech, adding warmth and personality to your setup.

Our keycaps are lovingly crafted for those who appreciate the melding of tradition and modernity. Yet, rather than overwhelming you with jargon, we invite you to engage in what inspired us as children and continues to drive our creativity: imagination. Join us in rekindling that spirit, where every keycap is not just a tool but a gateway to a more inspired, personal computing experience.

At Jelly Key, our creations are born from a diverse palette of materials. Beyond the foundational resin and clay that sculpt and shape each keycap, we’ve embraced a world of elements, from the shimmer of crystal and glitter paper to the natural elegance of Vietnamese and Japanese woods. Our repertoire includes intricate watch gears, luminous fluorescent components, alcohol ink, and glitter powder. We’re constantly looking for new materials that meet the specific needs of our unique designs.

Consider the meticulousness required to transform a sizeable wooden sheet into a tiny keycap, delicately sanding it down from 4mm to a slender 1.6mm. It’s not just about the ideas; it’s about the immense time and passion invested into turning these visions into tangible art. Each piece is a testament to creativity and dedication, don’t you agree?

jelly audio

At Joinhandmade, we’re a team of audiophiles and aesthetic enthusiasts committed to merging beauty with functionality. Our journey has seen us pore over hundreds of drafts and sketches, all in the pursuit of crafting earphones that look stunning and perform exceptionally. In an age where technology keeps us connected around the clock, we recognise that the constant digital buzz can scatter focus and stifle creativity.

Handcrafting and using handmade products offer a retreat, a tactile way to reconnect with the real world, sharpen focus, and nurture our innate creativity. In a landscape dominated by mass-produced tech, the longing for unique, personally resonant items grows stronger. Handmade items, imbued with the maker’s touch and care, answer this call, offering utility and a piece of humanity itself. Isn’t that the actual value of a handmade gift?

“Unlike other mass production earphones manufacturers, Joinhandmade created a very unique headset. From the out-look, design, to sound quality, all show the care and passion of the team. To produce finished earphones, each stage of processing is taken carefully and delicately, just to create stylish and unique handmade earphones for users.”

Charles Bonn (Head-fi)

“It’s not only a good earphone but also a piece of stylish jewellery. This “made in Vietnam” earphone achieves both sound quality and unique imprint design. thank its handcraft process.”


  • 7/2012 – Earphone cable testing
  • 10/2012 – Custom In-Ear Monitor (CIEM) testing
  • 1/2013 – Expanding reshell research
  • 4/2013 – Handmade earphone sketching
  • 2/2014 – Driver selecting
  • 4/2014 – Jelly Ear launched

  • 10/2014 – Jelly Galaxy project launched
  • 3/2015 – Target to Indiegogo
  • 8/2016 – Another version of Jelly Galaxy
  • 2/2017 – New In-Ear monitor: Jelly Doux
  • 5/2018 – Another headphones project name Jelly Macaron

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